Flip’s Tire and Performance Center, located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, was founded by Philip “Flip” Smith in October 1988. At Flip’s Tire, our mission is to provide each customer with unparalleled customer service and to do our part to help the community.

Philip 'Flip' Smith

With the sudden passing of Flip in June, 2008, his family was faced with the difficult decision of what to do next. As Flip’s two children who grew up in our Dad’s tire store, we knew how much this company and his customers meant to him. It did not take long for us to decide that we had to Keep Flip’s Tire Rolling.

We are 4th Generation tire store operators, and we are proud to be carrying on our Dad’s legacy. When you visit Flip’s Tire, you will still feel the warmth, integrity, honesty and pride that Flip always displayed, and you will be treated like a member of our family. We are dedicated to continuing to provide you with the latest trends in auto accessories and customizing while always keeping your car safe and tires in the best condition possible. We carry only the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Visit us today and discover the Flip’s Tire Family difference.

Flip's Tire Center
Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith – President & Co-owner

Shawn Smith, Flip’s son, is definitely not new to the tire business. In fact, he joined his dad at the tire store on Saturdays from the time he was about 5 years old and has been in the business ever since. Shawn’s inspiring energy and heartfelt dedication to the ongoing success of Flip’s Tire make him the perfect new leader of the company. When Shawn is not at Flip’s, you can probably find him riding his Harley to the beach, dirt bike riding in the desert with his devoted friends, or playing a round of golf at a nearby course. This guy is in perpetual motion and makes every second count.

Kristin Dietz

Kristin Dietz – Vice President & Co-owner

Like her brother, Kristin basically grew up at the tire store. She spent many weekends playing in the tire warehouse and helping out. Her first “real” job was at 14 years old as the bookkeeper of the North Hollywood Globe Tire, one of several tire stores then managed by Flip. She learned early on that she had a knack for numbers and loved to balance the books, pay the bills, and serve as cashier. Kristin’s love for numbers led her to a career as a CPA. She has spent the last 18 years providing accounting services to businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Kristin’s involvement at Flip’s Tire is more “behind the scenes”, stopping by on a weekly basis to review the finances and catch up with the Flip’s Tire team. She is proud to be doing her part to keep Flip’s Tire rolling, and she loves working with her brother and all of the dedicated staff!

Pedro Rios

Juan Huezo – Sales Manager & Co-owner

Dean Simpson

Dean Simpson – Office Manager

Dean Simpson has worked at Flips for 18 years. He is responsible for all aspects of accounting (receivables, payables & payroll etc). He is also responsible for inventory control and covers for the salesmen when they are out of the office.

When asked about his fondest memories of Flip, Dean replied "Flip was always like a second father to me and was my first employer when fresh of the boat from England. No matter how busy Flip was he would always make time to listen and advise me with any problems of my own. He even took time one Sunday to help me buy ski boots! One of my fun memories of Flip was being involved in a couple of football bets with him in which he boasted I could never win because, being British I knew nothing about the American game. And, of course I won!"

When not working at Flip's, Dean likes to travel and visit different places of interest, mainly historical places. He likes museums, especially history museums. He tries to stay fit and healthy at the gym 4 or 5 times a week although a good microbrew or wine tasting tour doesn’t go amiss once in a while!

As mentioned, Dean is the British import at Flip’s. he has been married for 5 years with no kids, however his wife keeps requesting one! Either that or a dog!

We are so thankful for all that Dean does to keep Flip's Tire running so smoothly.

Sylvester Garcia

Kathy Brandon - Bookkeeper

Dave Karasaferrian

Dave Karasaferrian – Inside Sales

David Karasseferian has been with Flip's Tire for 14 years and has come to be known as one of the friendly faces at the front counter.  One thing David enjoys most about working at Flip's is the relationships he has with our customers.  He always has a smile and is willing to help.  When not helping customers at Flip's Tire, Dave likes to have summertime fun on his boat, play volleyball, and play with his son (and has a daughter on the way).
 We asked David to share a funny memory about Flip.  He readily shared a story to show just how far customers will go to get a deal:
"We had a gentleman come in one day saying “I’m a good friend of Flip’s...what is your best deal on tires?”  After giving him a great price on a tire, he continues with “Remember, Flip is a good friend. Is that the best you can do?”  I said, “Well, you can ask him yourself he is standing right next to you!!”  At that point, he gave Flip the once over and said “When did you grow the beard?”  “About 15 year ago,” said Flip.  If memory serves, we still got the sale and the Flip’s Tire Center family made a NEW friend!!

      One final comment from David:  "To all our customers, just remember - you have extended family in Van Nuys!"


Sylvester Garcia

Xavier Martinez - Inside Sales

Sergio Orozco

Sergio Orozco – Mechanic

Sylvester Garcia

Sylvester Garcia - Service Manager

Sylvester Garcia

Cristian Jara - Tire Technician

Pedro Rios

Pedro Rios - Mechanic

Pedro Rios

Israel Fernandez - Tire Technician

Pedro Rios

Gustavo Oliva - Tire Technician & Driver

Pedro Rios

Leal Lauro - Tire Technician & Driver

Pedro Rios

Lorenzo Iboy - Tire Technician & Driver

Pedro Rios

Ramiro Hernandez - Tire Technician & Driver

Pedro Rios

Vega Gonzalo Warehouse Manager